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Best Natural and Organic Volumizing Mascara Reviews

The search for good non-toxic mascara began for me in 2011.  I was pregnant and instinctively knew I should be using better, organic or at least plant based non-toxic and natural products.  …This was way before the many bloggers and review sites available today.  And way before natural products were popular.  The choices were limited and information scarce.

Pre-pregnancy and certainly pre-awareness, I used to frequent Sephora and one of my absolute favorite products was the Dior Show Black Out Mascara.  It did not clump, did not give me raccoon eyes, did not crumble and gave me Va-Va-Voom eye lashes.

What more can a girl ask for?  An organic or a natural version of-course!

Ten non-toxic mascaras later, I have finally found a comparable truly natural replacement to Dior Show!  Have no doubt, there are no green washers on my list; all are a variance of as natural as it gets.

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Food grown in sewage sludge? Yes.

Have you seen The Martian?  Yuck, he had to grow his food in poop.  Turns out we have been doing it for years.  Food fertilized with human and industrial waste, or sewage sludge right here on Earth?  Sounds surreal but it is not.  In fact, it is very common and perfectly legal.

I am “organic” for close to five years now, why is this the first time I am hearing about this?  Turns out there is big money involved and there is a beautiful, non-threatening name for it – biosolids.  Conventional food is bad enough, read more here – Conventional Food, What’s in it? And the cherry on top is that it’s fertilized with sewage sludge.

The practice of fertilizing with animal and human manure is not new.  It has been done for thousands of years.  Manure is rich in essential plan nutrients and is a great natural fertilizer.  I do not have a problem with fertilizing with natural composted manure from pastured animals fed an organic diet.

I do have a problem with using sewage sludge, a water treatment facility by-product that is full of viruses, germs, heavy metals, radioactive material, dioxins, PCBs, hormones, antibiotics, phthalates, flame retardants and other waste.

Sewage is a mixture of everything flushed down the toilet and poured down the drain in all the homes and commercial and industrial buildings — including hospitals, labs, restaurants, meat packaging plants, funeral homes, auto shops, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers — connected to a municipal waste system. (Some industries are required to pre-treat their waste before sending it down the drain.) (source)

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Conventional food. What’s in it?

A few weeks ago I took my son to a classmate’s birthday party.  They had the most gorgeous cake – a cosmos theme.  Rich navy blue universe with realistic red Mars, brown Jupiter, green Uranus, blue Neptune; the moon, the sun and even a beige Saturn with its belts.  The most beautiful cake I have ever seen.  Truly.

That morning, before the party, I was at home baking cupcakes.  With some delicious homemade frosting on top, I placed them into a to-go container so I could ask to substitute for the “blue” cake.  Well, several hours later, turned out I was right.  That cake was very blue…

I am often met with raised eyebrows.   Most people do not think about what they are eating.  We all know organic is better, but just how much?  Turns out quite a bit.

So what exactly is in conventional food?  Prepare to be shocked.  Continue Reading

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Organic Mattress under $1000

THE single most common question I get is “What is the safest organic mattress?”.  That is an excellent question but it also carries a hefty price tag of at least $3,000.  If a mattress you are considering costs less, there is probably a reason.  Some or several components are either toxic, known to off-gas or are soaked in carcinogenic flame retardants.  To read why conventional mattresses are toxic and an incredibly budget friendly solution for an inexpensive, solid wood crib bed frame and an all organic crib mattress and/or toddler bed, click here!

A cheap, budget friendly twin/queen/king size certified organic mattress for under $1,000?  It simply does not exist in the marketplace.  However, if you get creative, my process can be repeated for a twin size bed and even an adult size bed with slight modifications.

$600 Twin size organic latex mattress


$800 Queen or King size organic latex mattress Continue Reading

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Mitigating and Eliminating EMFs – A Mom’s Guide (part 1)

There is always a list in the back of my mind with what I need to do…  Next steps at detoxifying our lives.  One of the things on my list was EMF remediation.  I knew it was a can of worms but I did not know just how complicated it would be.  Initial research made my head spin and I got nowhere fast.  Months and then years went by with me picking up this task but never finishing as it was just too complex.  Determined, I did some brief googling and came across Ray Pealer of EMR Safety.  It turned out that he serviced my area so I made a call.  Our lives will never be the same.

house before and after emf mitigation electromagnetic fields remediation


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Mitigating and Eliminating Radiofrequency (WiFi) EMFs – A Mom’s Guide (part 2)

RFR Radiofrequency radiation

The most famous EMF…  If someone is talking about EMFs, they are generally referring to radiofrequency (RF) radiation.  Radiofrequency radiation comes from all wireless devices.  Depending on the signal strength, the fields will penetrate walls and people.  Check here to see if you are near a cell tower or an antenna.

Very important – even if the device is not actually connected to WiFi but the WiFi is not ‘disabled’, that device IS most likely constantly sending out a signal looking to connect.  All ‘smart’ devices need to have the WiFi manually ‘disabled’.  I purchased Acoustimeter Am 10 to help me determine which hidden devices emit RF radiation and help me decide which to keep, which to hard-wire and which we could live without.

Items that may emit radiofrequency or WiFi radiation:

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Mitigating and Eliminating Electric EMFs – A Mom’s Guide (part 3)

ELF Electric Fields

Check out this very cool project, 1301 fluorescent bulbs planted in an English farm, powered entirely by electrical fields generated by the power lines that float in curves over the top of this field.

See project here, we followed the scope of the project when we hired home builders for our new house construction.

This project is on a much grander scale, however we can measure the low frequency electrical fields our body absorbs with a body voltage meter or a professional meter.  We absorb electric fields from electrical boxes, electrical wiring inside walls, outlets, electronics power cords, appliances, some power lines.  Everything that has a power cord and an ON/OFF switch will emit an electric field.   Anything that is plugged in, and has a ‘potential’ to be turned on, EVEN in an ‘Off’ position will emit an electric field 10-20 feet in all directions.  …From each wire.

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Mitigating and Eliminating Magnetic EMFs – A Mom’s Guide (part 4)

ELF Magnetic Fields

Magnetic fields are present with electricity actually flowing through a wire or a metallic path of some kind.  Strong magnetic fields will penetrate walls and people.

My “neighborhood” magnetic fields are roughly 0.20 mG.  Inside of the house varied from 0.13 mg to 0.60 mG in the kitchen within reasonable proximity to appliances.

I really do not like this EMF.  The Magnetic fields EMF is difficult to understand and in some cases nearly impossible to mitigate.  The only positive with magnetic fields is that distance makes it safer.  The farther away you are from the source, the better and in some cases you only need a few feet.

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Mitigating and Eliminating Dirty Electricity – A Mom’s Guide (part 5)

Dirty Electricity

“Electrical pollution” produced by dimmers, fluorescent lighting (CFLs), home power convertors, GFCI outlets, computers and others. It is a sort of electrical “noise” that is always present.  It is measured with a special meter that shows you home’s pattern.

A meter is required to measure dirty electricity.  A qualified EMF consultant should have a professional grade meter.  My levels were around 150V and the goal is under 40V.

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