Packaged Organic Snacks

Whether in a rush, traveling or simply trying to get that toddler out of the house…  Packaged snacks are a convenience and sometimes a necessity.  Without compromising the organic living standards, I have put together a list of what is in my pantry.

Yes, yes, we all try to eat a clean, organic and ‘whole’ diet, but sometimes processed foods are a convenience we say “yes” to.  On the run… at a party or barbecue as an alternative to the corn-syrup-filled junk…  traveling, ordering out, or simply trying to get through the day, packaged snacks are a welcomed alternative.

Certified Organic.. Non perishable..  No junky ingredients… No additives, preservatives or natural flavors…

Chips & Pretzels

Bare Baked Crunchy.  Buy Apple version here.

OK.. These are not really chips, but for the longest time, my kids thought dehydrated apples were actual ‘chips’.  These have a fantastic, truly ‘crunchy’ texture and can pass for chips.  Fuji and reds have a hint of ‘sweet’ but not overpowering.  Banana chips are also a popular choice.

MaryGone Crackers Pretzels (Gluten Free).  Buy here.

A favorite in our house.  Crunchy, taste good and are so easy to pack in anything and take with you.  These are also available as a “cracker”.  My kids cannot get enough.

Late July Organic Sub Lime Snack Chips.  Buy here.

Going to a party where they will serve chips?  No problem!  Bring Late July’s to share and convert the corn-syrup lovers with this tasty alternative.

Flamous Brands Inc. Flamous Brands, Inc Organic Falafel Chips.  Buy here.

These are very good and are a favorite.  Awesome with your favorite salsa (in a glass jar).

Unique Pretzels 100 Percent Whole Grain Wheat Sprouted Pretzel Splits (Wheat). Or Sprouted Shells…   Buy here.

As I am learning with time, we make lifestyle changes.  The latest becoming gluten-free.  But when we were not, we always had these Unique pretzels on hand.  These are amazing.  Amazing!  Quite possibly the best tasting pretzel I have ever had.  And they are made with sprouted wheat flower – much easier on your belly.

Lesserevil Buddah Bowl Organic Popcorn (in grass-fed ghee).  Buy here.

Organic Popcorn, grass-fed ghee, Himalayan salt.  .88Oz (pack of 18) buy here OR,  5Oz (pack of 12) buy here.

LesserEvil Buddha Bowl Organic Popcorn (in coconut oil).  Buy here.

Organic Popcorn, coconut oil and Himalayan salt.  Simple and tasty.

Snack Bars

Veggie-Go’s Ultimate Variety.  Buy it here.

A favorite in our house.  My youngest is the biggest fan.  Chewy, leathery goodness.  Our favorite is Berry Apple/Spinach (check out the ingredients).

Oskri Organic Fruit Bars.  Buy here.

The standard for a shack bar.   My wish for every child that eats a processed “snack bar” is for that child to eat Oskri.  Minimal ingredients and the taste is fantastic.  Apple version only has two ingredients!  Apricot and cherry versions only there!

Barnana Organic Chewy Banana Bites.  Buy here.

Made with organic bananas and organic coconuts only.  Kids enjoy them and parents are happy for a healthy snack.

Go Raw Real Live Apricot Bar.  Buy here.

This one is my go-to.  Has just the right amount of ‘sweet’ ans sour.  Filling and satisfying.  Out of the Go Raw collection, the apricot version is my kids favorite too, although Raisin Crunch is also a popular choice.

Go Raw Freeland Choco Crunch Sprouted Cookies.  Buy here.

Great option when craving something chocolaty.

Raw Crunch Bars.  Buy here.

A very tasty snack bar.  The cranberry version is my favorite, and my children prefer the dark chocolate.

GoMacro Organic Macrobars.  Buy here.

A good, filling and tasty snack bar, although we do not consume often due to brown rice syrup being a first ingredient.

Matt’s Munchies Organic Fruit Snack.  Buy here.

A great alternative to a conventional fruit snack.  We love the Mango version.  Only one ingredient.  Little hands will be sticky after eating these but kids do love the fun of peeling the snack and eating it…

Pure Organic Choco Chunk Nut Ancient Grain Bars.  Buy here.

Good flavor, filling and satisfying.

18 Rabbits Jr. Organic Gluten Free Granola Bar.  Buy here.

No artificial OR natural flavors; no unnecessary additives…  These taste good due to what they are made with, not additives.  Our go-to when craving a conventional granola bar.

Freeze Dried Snacks and Dehydrated Fruit

Bare SnacksBuy them here.

Double entry for these..  Our favorite are the Fiji and Reds apple chips, but banana chips are also in demand at this house.

Natierra Nature’s All Foods Freeze-Dried Blueberries.  Buy here

Simple…  Organic freeze dried blueberries.  Nattiera has so many options for natural snacks – apples, beets, green peas, pineapples, raspberries and others.  And for the adventure seekers, chocolate mangos or chocolate bananas.

Little Duck Organics Tiny Freeze Dried Fruit Snack.  Buy here.

A superb organic alternative to rice puffs or rice crispies…  Two ingredients.  Organic Mangos, Organic strawberries.  That is it!  Check out the other flavors too – Apple/Banana, Apple/Mango, Blueberry/Banana or go wild with the Variety Pack.

Terrasoul Superfoods Organic Mango Slices.  Buy here.

Not freeze dried, so they are pleasantly chewy.  Only one ingredient.  We love Terrasoul’s sun-dried apricots too.  Both are big hits in this house.

Peeled Snacks Organic Apple-2-The-Core.  Buy here.

Dehydrated apples.  One ingredient..  Very pleasant ‘not too sweet’ taste.  Individually packed for easy transport.

Chocolaty Goodness

Heavenly Organics Honey Patties.  Buy here.

These are so good…  If you ever crave those peppermint patties you had as a kid, this will bring lots of pepperminty memories.  Only 3 organic ingredients!

OCHO Organic Candy Bar.  Buy Coconut here and Caramel & Peanut here.

These hit the spot every time.  Guilt free.  These are fantastic!  Once you try Ocho, you’ll want to re-stock monthly.    I wish there was a ‘subscribe and save’ option for these, that is how good they are.

Justin’s Mini Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups.  Buy here.

Love them Reese’s peanut butter cups?  No problem?  Justin’s got you covered.

Green & Black’s Organic Dark Chocolate.  Buy here.

Craving chocolate?  This is the bar of my choosing.  They have a variety of flavors, from dark chocolate, to milk to white…   Basic ingredients, nothing extra and excellent taste.

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