About Me


Another convert to organic lifestyle?  You betcha.

On occasion I recall the past and shudder.  Who was that young woman, the one that thought pizza was a balanced meal…  The one that frequented frozen dinner section at the grocery…  The one that hadn’t had a clue that the junk she was eating didn’t actually taste good, but was full of MSGs that was tricking her brain.  The one that lived in oblivion, having no idea that so many foods were genetically modified, or contained genetically modified ingredients…  The one who never thought twice about eating neon blue or yellow candy…  Who was she?  I bet if I told her about phthalates, flame retardants, PVC or VOCs, she’d roll her eyes…

But once you open your eyes, you can never close them again.  And that is exactly what has happened to me.

Once I discovered the organic ways, I never looked back.  My life will never be the same.

I have been through it all, two beautiful children, a complete remodel, re-design and even some new construction.  I am on a mission to detoxify my family’s environment and my work never stops.  Years into it I am still learning and am ecstatic to share it with like minded families.

I cook from scratch every meal from fresh organic ingredients.  In the summer, I am a staple at the farmers market and in the winter I am a regular at Whole Foods.  Our meats come exclusively from local organic farms.  So do our eggs and raw cheese.  Every trip is planned around a cooler – packed with homemade food.  …I avoid plastic as much as I can, and every piece of upholstered furniture or foam-containing product has tiny holes in it sown up from me extracting pieces to be sent for flame retardant testing.  Every single one.   …I travel with my own sheets and blanket, first covering the hotel bed with an off-gassing cover followed by my own non-toxic sheets and blanket.  Everything I buy, I research and research and research.  I talk the talk and I walk the walk.

I am realistic and practical however.  We do go out to eat, rarely but we do.  Each outing is planned with a call to the establishment and interrogation of the staff about the ingredients.  We do not wear all organic clothes (although the kids are dressed in at the very least Oeko-Tex certified clothing), and we buy a good portion of personal care products.  Balance is important. I take this lifestyle very seriously and make very few compromises, but I also understand functioning in today’s world.  We live very normal lives but our choices are careful and well researched.

I invite you to join me and share the fun!