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Mitigating and Eliminating Dirty Electricity – A Mom’s Guide (part 5)

Dirty Electricity

“Electrical pollution” produced by dimmers, fluorescent lighting (CFLs), home power convertors, GFCI outlets, computers and others. It is a sort of electrical “noise” that is always present.  It is measured with a special meter that shows you home’s pattern.

A meter is required to measure dirty electricity.  A qualified EMF consultant should have a professional grade meter.  My levels were around 150V and the goal is under 40V.

What we did and some interesting observations

We had several dimmer switches that we replaced with old fashioned “ON/OFF” switches.

We also replaced several compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) around the house to LED.  However, according to this experiment, not all LEDs are created equal.  Cree brand LEDs added the least dirty electricity to an already existing level.

We have several wiring errors that we are fixing and then we will be installing dirty electricity filters.  Dimmer switches and wiring errors must be fixed prior because those may actually increase dirty electricity with filters plugged in.  We will be going through Ray of EMR Safety but it seems Stetzer Electric and Greenwave are two of the top manufacturers.  There is a bit of science to how many filters are needed and where to place.  In addition to major rooms, filters are placed next to the electrical panel(s) as well.


Mitigating Dirty Electricity on a budget

Replace all dimmer switches to ‘On/OFF’ switches. Replace compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) to LEDs.  It is impossible to measure dirty electricity without a meter.



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