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How it all began…

So who am I?  Well, I am many things…

I have two beautiful children and a loving husband, who despite all the challenges stuck with me and supported all of the dramatic changes towards a clean lifestyle.

I am an organic housewife.  I was not always; just several years ago I thought pizza was a balanced meal – whole grains, veggies in the form of tomato sauce and salami as protein.

I had no idea genetically modified foods existed, never heard of MSGs, food dyes, flame retardants or phthalates.

We cleaned with bleach, bought personal care products wherever and chose our dryer sheets by the scent.  The words ‘organic’ or ‘nontoxic’ were not part of my vocabulary, I had no idea that our world is so toxic and so chemically laden.  I lived in la-la land.

It is only appropriate that my first post will include my son’s story.  After all, he is the reason I am the force I am today.

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