Natural and Organic Personal Care Products

Ahhh.. Personal care products.  When I first got pregnant with my son, I instintively knew that commercial products on grocery store shelves were probably not good for me.  I searched for pregnancy-safe, non-toxic products but my search returned little.  With years of research and lable reading, and hudreds of dollars later, I put together a list of products that work and are safe for every day use.  These are also safe on babies or during pregnancy.


Hand Soap – great ingredients and a good price.  Does not dry out the hands

Body Wash – not organic, but is non-toxic and does not dry out the skin.  Baby and adult friendly.

Baby Body Wash – very popular in the natural community.  Great product but is a little drying.  We used it all the time for daily bum washing after soiled diaper.

Shampoo – the jouney for the “right” shampoo is very challenging.  While this is not a ‘perfectly’ organic/non-toxic version, it is natural and performs like a commercially available product.  It has a pleasant scent but is not overpowering.  Organic shampoos just do not perform as well as commercial products and are very much sub-par…  This is as close as I have gotten.  Here is the matching  Conditioner that rates OK

Another pretty darn good Shampoo is this brand.  Also does well and is completely unscented.  Rates excellent on EWG’s Skin Deep database.  Here’s a matching conditioner that rates OK on EWG.   Or get it in a bundle.

This shampoo rates at 1 on EWG Skin Deep Database.  That’s pretty darn good.  Here’s a matching conditioner, it rates at 3 on EWG.

This brand makes certified organic shampoo and conditioners.  I like the certification but this is a newer product that I have not tried.  The reason being in my experience, truly natural products just do not perform as well.  For my pregnant readers, this may be the one for you but it will take some experimenting.

Shaving Soap Bar – there was a shaving gel that I loved and then all of a sudden I developed a sensitivity to it.  So one day I tried my husband’s Shave Soap.  I never went back.  Leather it on just like you would regular soap and shave..  Works beautifully.  All natural, and most organic ingredients.

Shaving Gel – If gel is the preference, this brand makes a good one

Tooth Paste – I was pregnant when I began using this brand so I went with Lemon (as opposed to the mint).  It is fantastic.  Try the bundle to pick a flavor – Lemon, Wintergreen, Peppermint or Cinnamon.

Floss – natural flosses by this company.  I prefer the Cranberry one but they have several flavors.

Tooth Brushes -BPA, Latex, Lead, Phthalate FREE and FDA-Approved materials.  The company makes right-hand and left-hand toothbrushes.  An array of bristle hardness, etc..

Infants 6 months + (ultra soft, dye-free), Toddlers 18m +,  Kids 3+, Kids 6 years +

Moisturizing Lotion – turns out there is no such thing as natural lotion.  Organic moisturizing cream is the only form a truly natural moisturizer can come in.  I LOVE this one.  I used it on my son’s eczema, all over his body.  I use it all over my body – legs, hands, face.  It is an excellent night cream – very rich and thick…  A little goes a long way and I adore the simplicity of ingredients.  And on top of all these, it actually does a better job moisturizing then any commercial product I have used in my pre-aware stage.



Hair Spray

Certified Organic Version -comes in plastic bottle, or glass bottle.  I have it plastic bottle because I do not use it daily.  I love it.  It does go on thicker then a commercial product and is not a continuous spray but I am willing to make those sacrifices.  Does go on thick – hold it several feet away and move closer as you determine you need more hold…  With practice, an amazing product.

Natural Version – works well.  Rates low on EWG.

Hair Gel – great for our Organic Dads.  Certified organic and works pretty good.  No complaints from my other half.

Mascara – This was a search that took several years.  Read my reviews for over ten natural and organic mascaras.   This brand was a clear winner.