Kitchenware and such

Electric Tea Kettle – made in China but all stainless steel throughout, including lid

Stovetop Tea Kettle – made in France but no whistle, easy to forget on the stove

Stovetop Tea Kettle – made in China but has a nice soft whistle and is all stainless steel

Tea cups/coffee mugs – simply glass, safe an non-toxic. Made in USA

Dinnerware set – made in USA, free of any toxins

Muffin Pan – stainless steel

Mini muffin pan – stainless steel

Strainers – all stainless steel

Fruit / Produce washing bowl – how did I live without it

Glass Pie Plate – made in USA

Glass Baking Dish – made in USA

Silverware – made in USA

All Clad Dishware set – this set or this set – all stainless, made in USA

Olive Wood Spatulas – eco friendly, and most are made in Italy

Olive Wood Cutting Board

Glass Fermenting Jar

Vitamix Blender

Knifes – I have had these for years and they are the best knifes I own.  You dont need many, but a good chopping knife, paring knife, a trimmer will do nicely


Foods and Grocery


Organic Gluten-free flours:  Chestnut Flour, TigerNut Flour, Coconut Flour, Tapioca Flour or this Tapioca Flour, Millet Flour, Sweet Brown Rice Flour..

Chamomile Tea

Raw Buckwheat Groats

Sprouted Quinoa Trio

Sprouted Ground Flax Seeds

Ocho Candy Bars


Gummy Bears